Business on trackers

    Introduction The

    BitTorrent Tracker is an actual web page on which everyone can post information about a file, be it a movie, a game, etc. A specialized torrent file is also created, which contains information about the owner's IP address, file size, hash size, etc.
    The idea of ​​the tracker is that everyone does not download the file itself, but a torrent file that contains the IP addresses of users who have already downloaded this file and become automatic donors of a particular file (for example, a game or a movie). Thus, the more donors of the file, the faster we can upload it, automatically becoming another unit of file distribution.

    In other words, the web page does not contain any materials, and therefore no copyright is infringed, and therefore the site is fully legitimate. You can read more detailed information on Wikipedia.

    We create our Tracker

    Today, the Internet has many “engines” for torrent trackers, most of which work on a free basis. Any experienced person can switch from free to their own “engine” to create their own unique website, increasing its popularity. For example, I used free projects for this for about two years.

    Now I use the TBDev tracker, which is too simple, but with careful configuration it can work with 40,000 users per day, although with a heavy load the server refuses to work and shuts down.

    Money prospects.

    Option one.

    For example, take the most used Russian torrent tracker .
    We place our banners or a number of links on it, as is customary in Internet advertising, since this portal is known throughout the world network.


    With the increasing popularity of your resource, you can achieve a monthly income of up to twenty thousand rubles.


    Licensed owners of information from time to time require the closure of distributions, and we are forced to obey the law. Since we do not have a legal “roof”, we should be sensitive to such prohibitions at the maximum so that our site is not closed for a year until all circumstances are clarified.

    Option two

    For example, some groups of providers with specific IP addresses have access to your local torrent tracker. Using them, we place the links of our tracker on their pages.
    Using my links, the provider pays for my German server hosting and pays me up to one hundred thousand rubles in cash every month.

    Why should they pay me? Due to the fact that all subscribers download one from another, the provider does not have to pay money to the more important provider, since all the transferred information is considered local. And if you consider that each file weighs from 1 to 6 GB, then the income is per person, because all are paid by customers, and the provider does not pay anyone, except for a small part for me that I popularize their website.

    Advantages are that distributions are only for a narrow circle of people. Information owners are left with the nose, and everyone is happy - the latest innovations can be downloaded in an instant.
    The disadvantages are that there are few subscribers, ads cannot be placed, and if the provider gets tired of me, the hosting fee will eat me up and I will remain like an old woman with a broken trough. Then you have to submit your service to other providers, which is very difficult.

    To summarize

    Despite the fact that the implementation of this task requires technical implementation, there will always be people who can finance your project financially and by people. And if you will constantly improve the performance of your project, then you will not be left without a reward.
    I’ll end with an example similar to my tracker, the Shareman torrent. It is also closed, like mine, only much larger. We are a kind of competitor with one provider, which pays him monthly up to 1 million rubles. Only there is a considerable team of programmers, but this does not prevent them from making more profit than mine.

    Now it is up to you. Go for it!

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