A large wave power station will soon appear in the USA


    The term “wave” is literal here. In general, a very long time ago, scientists have created various devices for transforming wave energy into electrical energy. For various reasons, the technology has not yet received widespread (read - industrial) distribution, but now everything has to change, and very quickly. The fact is that Ocean Power Technologies has announced the imminent commissioning of a real wave power plant, which will be located off the coast of Oregon.

    The New Jersey-based company has already received the consent of 11 government agencies and several private companies to develop a 1.5-megawatt wave power plant. The system will consist of 10 PowerBuoys “floats” that can provide electricity to about a thousand homes (typical American cottages) throughout the year.

    Each of the floats dangles on the waves for a reason - there is a “piston” inside, which moves up and down, thus generating electricity. The resulting electricity goes ashore via submarine cables. Each of the “floats” has a “beacon” and several sensors that allow employees of the future power plant to easily track each element of the system. In addition, each of the “floats” can be remotely controlled, tuning the elements for maximum efficiency.

    Oregon Iron Works is already creating floats, even though the developers of the power plant have not yet received a patent from the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Obtaining such a patent at the same time means permission to include the future station in the U.S. power grid. In general, problems are unlikely to arise, since the Oregon Governor has already approved the creation of a new type of power plant.

    “The development of such a station will create dozens of“ green ”jobs, and will also provide energy to coastal residents. This is an amazing time, and I would like to help this industry, which practically does not harm the ecosystem of the sea coast, develop throughout the state, ”the governor commented on the situation.

    By the way, this is not the first such power plant - the "floats" are already in full swing in Hawaii. In 2008, Ocean Power entered into a three millionth contract with the U.S. Air Force to create a system that can be used for both energy and data collection. It seems that the “wave” technology for generating electricity is becoming more popular - and not only the United States has a coast suitable for creating such a system.

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