Bing Maps integrates with OpenStreetMap

    The mapping service Bing Maps has acquired a new layer of data - maps of the OpenStreetMap project .

    OpenStreetMap is a mapping project where maps are created and edited by the community, much like the articles edited on a Wikipedia project.

    Now Bing Maps offers users the ability to switch on the fly to the OpenStreetMap content display mode.


    This is a great innovation of Bing Maps, because in countries where the service is not officially launched, the quality of the cards is greatly affected. For example, compare Yekaterinburg maps in the standard Bing Maps and the new OpenStreetMap layer.



    Now, Bing Maps users have got an alternative ability to view maps. And the new OpenStreetMap layer is fully compatible with all 44 Bing Maps App applications, for example Photosynth, Twitter, Foursquare and others, which add a lot of useful information to the cards .


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