The fourth meeting of the Ukrainian community of information security specialists will be held on July 30

    On July 30, at 10:00, the Ukrainian Information Security Group will gather at the Daily Kiev Bar (HudGraph Gallery) on 33 Shevchenko Boulevard.

    Some of the active members of the community agreed to make installation reports and ask topics for communication:
    - Gleb Pakharenko (Infopulse) and Maria Sidorova (Security Code) will talk about the experience of information security communities in Ukraine and Russia.
    - Vladimir Ilibman (Cisco) will talk about the shift of the IT paradigm towards blurring borders, which occurs thanks to cloud services and mobile employees.
    - Andrey Lysyuk (Ernst & Young) and Alexander Dmitriev (Das magazine) will share their experience in CISM / CISA and ISO 27001 certification

    It is also planned to discuss the creation of the Ukrainian CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) and specific information threats of virtual infrastructures.

    Most of the reports will be held from 10:00 to 16:00, after which a “beer program” is planned.

    All who wish to participate in the seminar, please register on the event page on LinkedIn
    Link to the map

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