Amperka - Arduino store

    Many on Habré know what Arduino is . Actually, a separate blog is dedicated to him . Some even managed to hate him for the fact that for any primitive thingy blinking light bulbs instead of a pair of transistors for five cents, people take this platform as a basis.

    I will not argue on this topic. I can only say that some time ago I was also interested in this toy. However, when I decided to buy myself one, it became clear that this was not trivial. The best that was offered in Russian stores at that time was a replica of the original Arduino, with 100% prepayment, delivered by Russian Post. And the assortment of accessories lagged far behind the European ones. Therefore, in the end, I made an order in a German store with delivery via UPS. Overpayment for delivery was palpable.

    I experimented with the platform, I realized that this is actually - coolness. Showed to friends - they approved. I remembered about interest, love and hate on Habré and thought: “Why not try to sell them in Russia? Well, or in Moscow for a start. ”

    Found a partner, got down to business, and here are the first fruits: Amperka store . Buy Arduino in Moscow is now much easier. Welcome!

    We will try to expand the range and bring it closer in quality to European stores. In addition, in the end, we want to do something more than just a store: to unite Russian-speaking platform lovers in one place where they could communicate, receive answers to questions of interest and share experiences.

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