New profession: “virtual dating assistant”

    “Every morning starts the same way. I go to the Tinder of a 45-year-old man from Texas, this one is my client. I flirt with every woman from his list for 10 minutes, send their photos and place of residence to the central base of potential “opportunities”. I get $ 1.75 for each phone number, ” says Chloe Rose Stuart-Ulin, who works as a closer, that is, a terminator, in the online dating assistance service ViDA (Virtual Dating Assistants).

    The clients of the service are mainly men who pay for the service of online flirting with girls on dating sites. Clients themselves enter into business only at the final stage, when it comes to a personal meeting.

    Nowadays, the lion's share of dating and flirting with the opposite sex occurs on the Internet. If you really like a girl and you don’t want to risk missing her, it’s quite logical to entrust the professionals with preliminary contact.

    Maybe you work a lot - and you can't waste time flirting online. There are many programmers among ViDA clients.

    Virtual Dating Assistant is one of many new professions that are emerging in the digital age. The emergence of such a profession 30 years ago was impossible not only to predict, it was impossible to imagine .

    Pessimists say that due to automation, soon 90% of people will remain unemployed and they will have to pay AML. Optimists answer that the same forecasts were at the previous stages of the industrial and technological revolution. For example, when the most popular professions were a cabman and a telephone operator. The development of technology has led to the fact that millions of people were unemployed. However, this did not lead to unemployment at all, because there were completely new mass professions that could not have been imagined before (for example, a courier for the delivery of goods or a taxi support employee).

    Chloe talks in detail about her profession. She says she often takes professional writers and journalists like herself to help with online dating. These professionals know how the word affects the reader. This quality is the best suited for text flirting. At the interview, she had to answer questions about “ethical flexibility” and her willingness to work in the “gray area of ​​morality”. But there is nothing special here - everyone who on the Internet rated people only by their photos is already familiar with objectification.

    When a client comes to such a company, he is compiled an attractive resume based on the facts that the client tells about himself. There is no particular creativity. Professional profiles use guaranteed phrases with a proven enticing effect to attract the maximum number of users of the opposite sex. Authors of profiles work according to manuals. For example, if a client has a dog, he opens a training manual on the page "dogs" and selects one of the witticisms associated with dogs.

    Then matchmakers come in and send open-ended questions across the platform. “Matchmakers” work by filtering girls according to client preferences (age, interests, etc.). In the training manuals "matchmaking" there are many specialized issues (yoga, travel or skiing, for example). The purpose of sending open-ended questions is to make contact.

    Finally, the "finalists" come into play, who begin personal flirting and bring the girl to the desired condition. This work is the most difficult, creative and requires improvisation. Therefore, finaliters are trained for several weeks before being given access to customer accounts. At first, the mentor edits the employee’s answers, explaining mistakes to him and helping the advice not to ask too many questions about work (for women, such questions may be problematic) or reduce the cognitive load - the girl cannot be forced to think a lot, otherwise she will run out of energy and enthusiasm. Chloe was trained for a more masculine style of communication for a long time: shorter sentences, fewer questions, fewer smiles, longer pauses before answering, dating before the girl showed interest, etc.

    Manuals for employees are written personally by the founder of the company - Scott Valdez, a self-taught expert in the field of online dating, the author of the courses “Women on Demand” and “Automatic Date Transition” . He allegedly found out some hidden mechanisms in the work of the female brain. These techniques are used by employees in practice. For example, he explains how to introduce a client to an alpha male who subconsciously attracts women.

    All this seems to be sexism and anti-scientific nonsense, but who is interested in scientific research, if the practical method yields results. Valdez says particularly well-established techniques work for young girls who still have little online dating experience.

    If in the future such services for dating sites gain popularity, then at the stage of flirting professionals can communicate on both sides, choosing the most suitable candidates for their clients. In a sense, this is a return to the past, but at a more advanced technological level.

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