kbTrainer: Chrome, FireFox, HTA

    Hello Habr!

    Based on the recently "gash" topic, I hasten to inform that now there is also a Chrome version. Lies here: kbTrainer crx .

    Under cat information about other versions and pictures:

    The Chrome version is a bit buggy with preserving the settings, this is because [localStorage] is used as storage. In general, if something is not saved, make the necessary settings and restart the browser, it helps me.

    What's new in the simulator, for those who have not read:
    1. All code has been rewritten, or almost all.
    2. Implemented multi-line mode .
    3. New skins, similar to the old, but new, there is even pink.
    4. HTML 5 - a reserve for the future.
    5. Everything else remains as it was, despite the changes.

    Other versions:
    kbTrainer Firefox addon 0.1.1 Mozilla Addons
    kbTrainer 2.1 HTML Application

    Presentation in pictures (as in the previous article):







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