Bubble Engine - plugin for jQuery. Soap Bubble Machine

Original author: soyos
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I want to introduce readers to an interesting jQuery plugin that will be interesting to those who want to use some interesting animation on the site without using Adobe Flash.


It is possible to set the following parameters

Minimum size of the generated bubble
Maximum size of the generated bubble
Initial position of the generated bubble
Control of particle flight (centered, left, right)
Bubble lifetime (animation duration)
Dispersion of the bubble lifetime (animation duration)
Scattering along the X axis and Y axis
Bubble thickness Bubble
recovery (turn on /switch off)

Easy integration into your website

The code for simple insertion of this plugin into your website: The code for inserting this plugin into your website with various parameters: Checked compatibility with the following browsers: Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox 3, Google Chrome 4, Apple Safari 5 , Opera 10. Download: Bubble Engine
var SoapBubbleSource = $().BubbleEngine({ particleSourceX: 0, particleSourceY: 500});
SoapBubbleSource.addBubbles (50);));

$(document).ready(function() {var SoapBubbleSource = $().BubbleEngine({ particleSizeMin: 0, particleSizeMax: 60, particleSourceX: 0, particleSourceY: 500, particleAnimationDuration: 3000, particleAnimationVariance: 2000, particleScatteringX: 500, particleScatteringY: 200, particleDirection: 'right', gravity: -100, imgSource: 'images/bubble.png', RenewBubbles: 'on' });
SoapBubbleSource.addBubbles(50); });


PS I warn you on weak machines noticeable brakes are possible!

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