Movie about me

    For four months I made this video. At first it was conceived simply as an accompanying article on video blogs, but in the end it became something more for me. In short, now I feel at least Gaid, no less. Five minutes to nine minutes of my life.

    Friends! I beg you to watch this video and express your opinion. Yes, I really think that you will not regret your time and traffic (by the way, 25 megabytes). It turned out fun and original. In addition, you are at the world premiere! :) It is very important for me that as many people as possible watch it and speak out. Thanks in advance!

    Yes, in the comments tell which particular episode you liked the most.

    In addition, the same video can be viewed here - MetaCafe , YouTube , RuTube , LoadUp , Mail.Ru , Movie , Vision.Rambler or just download this video for a long memory.

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