Curious Reef - Website for Online Students

    At some point, I realized that I didn’t have enough book-Internet education in programming and I needed to get some kind of knowledge base in order to grow more professionally. Then I came across AcademicEarth , about which they wrote more than once on Habré . Then, with the help of Google and curiosity, I found that all these courses are presented in iTunesU, which is simply more convenient to use, because he notes that he looked / did not look. Plus, there are lectures divided by year. Those. if in a certain year the lecture did not get on the record, you can rummage through the archives and with a high probability find it there. The only thing missing was the discussions and evaluations of their actions.

    Even then, I began to think that it would be nice to create a website where the discussion will be built around the courses. Those. it will be possible to discuss lecture materials, post homework and find more interesting solutions than those that came to mind. The thought was good, but somehow I fell out of the process of education, because piled up a lot of work.
    And recently, deciding to re-engage in self-education, I came across the Curious Reef website , which, in fact, realized what I was missing.
    The site allows any registered user to create a course based on anything. The list of courses is mostly Computer Science, but there are also guitarists. Of the interesting to me and based on university programs, are presented:

    There is also a Bash Scripting course based on exercises from the Bash Cookbook and about 10 others.
    Each course is divided into topics, which publish links to online videos (if any), additional materials and homework. And for each homework there is a page where everyone posts their results and there is an opportunity to discuss them.
    While there is no time to build your own lunapark, you can self-educate in this =)

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