Overview of Windows Phone 7 features from a Microsoft-Ukraine employee


    I myself have been using a communicator based on Windows 6.5 for a long time - not because I’m such a fan of the WinMo platform, but simply because I like my communicator (I won’t call it so that it wouldn’t be considered advertising). Because of this, I try to keep track of news about the latest mobile OS updates from Microsoft, and today I came across not news, but a whole review from an employee of the Ukrainian branch of Microsoft. The review is divided into three parts, and all the videos are continued.

    In general, after watching all the videos, you might even be surprised that the system is so minimalistic. The interface of Windows Phone 7 is quite different from everything I've seen before. By the way, for testing the operating system the “handset” from LG was used - I did not recognize the model myself, but maybe someone will immediately tell you what kind of device it is.

    In general, working with contacts, phonebook, calendar and network functions of the operating system looks quite satisfactory, but, of course, all this looks very specific. It is very surprising that the system is cleared of any "lotions", and the functions of this mobile operating system are wrapped in minimal graphics. Even the menu, and those are entirely text, without any graphics.

    By the way, there are no widgets in the system - maybe for some this is a plus, well, but someone has already got used to them, so they will lack favorite features.

    Separately, it should be noted that the system by no means looks like a copy of the OS of other manufacturers close to it. It seems that the developers did all this from scratch, adding their own ideas as the main platform is ready. In any case, it’s better to see all this than to read a large amount of text, right? Who looked, waiting for comments. Perhaps, to whom and "felt" the system happened? It would also be interesting to hear comments on the topic.

    And the main question, of course, is long overdue - what do you think, will WinMo live (well, its direct descendants), or is it a matter of gradually dying the platform, as it has long been with Symbian, despite all attempts to revive the platform. Of course, now there are many platforms, beautiful and different, but all in order to list the dominant, enough fingers of one hand ... Two fingers enough?

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