Google Nexus One is no longer sold through the Internet, now only through partners

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    Far from high sales, the Nexus One will now become even more difficult - it will no longer be sold through the official Google website ; now it will be possible to buy the device only from official partners such as Vodafone in Europe and KT in Korea. However, of course, technical user support is still with us, it will continue to work.

    Details under the cut.

    In addition to the purchase methods described above, there is one more thing - to be an officially registered developer for Android, then you can go here and after authorization order yourself “one”. Google hints that the latest firmware versions will still be available for the Nexus One.
    In general, this situation almost completely makes it impossible to buy it in the United States, and of course does not add popularity to residents of countries where it is still sold.
    Is this good or bad? It is not clear, because in fact it is possible to increase the number of partners implementing it ... Although no, this most likely will not happen. But he fulfilled his mission - he brought to the market a "competitor", without artificial removal of parts and without overpriced. As a result, we can buy powerful communicators at reasonable prices (I remember how I bought HTC TyTn2 for 30k rubles ...).
    We are most likely waiting for a decrease in the release time for firmware updates for Android smartphones from HTC and other market leaders, i.e. Reduce the difference between a Google-branded phone and a Google-free phone.

    Link to off. news.

    UPD 07/21/2010: The lot of phones is over, now Nexus One can be bought from partners, which seem to be more -

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