Sberbank Online in Arkhangelsk

    So, it became necessary for me to regularly transfer nth amounts of money to an individual’s account in a Sberbank. At the same time, I also have a salary card, a mobile bank is connected to it, in principle, all this, together with the terminals, works even somewhere not bad. But through and-no it would be even better, even the ass from the chair does not need to be torn off. It is tempting by itself. Having read the corresponding article on Habré:

    already went to the savings bank prepared. He asked the girl to make me a “Universal” deposit, sign a universal banking service agreement and connect the entire household with my card to Sberbank Online. Okay, the girl turned out to be the topic, didn’t do round eyes, signed all the papers and got usernames and passwords for Sberbank online. For some reason there are two logins; there is only one password. Then I would doubt it, but decided that I would figure it out along the way.

    I waited for the prescribed three working days - so much of their information from the savings bank reaches "where necessary." I drove Sberbank Online into Yandex; Yandex found the site as the first item

    Great, entered the username and password, entered. I see my cards, contributions - no. And I can carry out the operations I need in Sberbank online only from deposits, but not from cards. Such is their system. You can pay for a communal apartment, but only in Moscow.

    I call support, I'm interested in what the problem is. Support answers that I have not signed a universal banking service agreement. How so - I specifically asked the girl to do it and even signed something. Again I go to the savings bank, there another girl is already looking at the base and sees that I actually do not have this agreement. It’s just that for the first time, the operator has struck my name in the database, and there were 250 people with such names in the database and among them there were at least a dozen who signed the contract. It did not occur to her to compare the passport data, asking me too, and I was left without a contract. With difficulty pulling a smile, I ask you to nevertheless make this ill-fated agreement. Signed up.

    I wait three days, I go to the site - the picture is the same. I see the cards, contributions - no. Calling support again. Support is perplexed and offers to leave a request, which will be considered within 30 (!)days. I leave a request, support calls, of course, not after 30 days, but only after a week, on Sunday late in the evening. It turns out that is an experimental interface, and you had to go to a different address. I go to the address indicated by support - my login and password do not fit. I call the support again, the support is surprised and asks if I have another login. I say that there is a login, but there is no password for it, since the password can only be obtained at the ATM, and the ATM gives a completely different login. The support calmly replies to this, that after entering the login, it was necessary to click "I forgot the password" and then the password would have come by SMS.

    Are you still not fighting in hysterics? Then let's continue. After receiving the password, I still went into the correct interface. I finally see my contributions. BUT. I do not see the cards. Accordingly, I can’t transfer anything from the card to the deposit, so that I can transfer money from the deposit to where I need to. But with the card - you can’t do it.

    I’m going to the savings bank again. After about an hour of research, it turns out that the base on the cards is stored in Moscow. And on deposits - in Yaroslavl. Therefore, I can’t see my cards and my accounts in one interface in principle. Only separately. Accordingly, I can’t transfer money from the card to the deposit and I can’t use the functions of Sberbank-Online until I replenish the deposit with cash in the savings bank, which puts an end to the whole undertaking.

    Result: two weeks, three hour visits to the savings bank, one and a half hours of waiting for support answers on the phone, and the result is zero.

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