Back up your phone book in Nokia S60

    A couple of weeks ago, I declared Friday a backup day. I understand perfectly well that system administrators long ago prescribed their daily and weekly scripts in kroons and do not think much about emergency situations, because everything is prepared for them. However, I doubt that even system administrators regularly back up all potentially useful information. Today I want to share the creation of an address book backup in mobile phones.


    As long as I have only “Nokia 6220 Classic” at hand, I’ll make this entry using her example. In principle, it is suitable for any relatively new Nokia phones.

    Many times I heard from people who drowned or lost their mobile phones that you can buy a new device, but all those valuable contacts and dear to the heart SMS messages - I feel sorry for them. My friend and I once discussed this topic for a long time and suggested storing the phone book on the server and the possibility of creating aliases such as DNS so that you can call the letter wtsd, which would be converted to +996 700 12 34 56 ( in case of changing the operator, it would be enough just to replace the phone number in DNS), and for calls from abroad you could dial something like country / operator / alias or (but then the confusion will be with emails).

    So, what am I all about. Moreover, if you synchronize your phonebook with the Ovi server, then with the purchase of a new phone, you can simply synchronize a clean book and there will be happiness. Which is very convenient for me personally - you can go through the site to your account and edit the address book, for example. You can also store contact photos there, but I personally do not.

    In order to synchronize the contact list in my device, you need to go to Contacts “Contacts”, select Options “Options”, Synchronize “Synchronization”, Settings “Settings” (below is the list of my settings) and then immediately start “Start”. I made the following settings:

    Sync profile name: Synchro-server
    Server version: 1.2
    Data bearer: Internet
    Network connection: Default connection
    Host address:
    Port: 443
    Username: Ovi}
    Password: {password}
    Allow sync requests: Ask first
    Network user name: None
    Network password: {empty}
    Synchronization type: Both ways
    Contacts sync settings / Contact Database: ./Contact/Unfiled

    On my operator I synchronize the entire book in about twenty seconds, and later only changes are incrementally downloaded. Very comfortably!

    I hope that this record has brought at least some benefit to someone.

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