We break deadlines

    When will this hell end? This question is often asked by an ordinary freelancer in everyday life. It seems that they pay normally, and the statement of work is presented intelligibly (not like in the previous project), but all the same - it’s not rushing ... I’ve already reread the bash, unsubscribed to everyone, troll on the hub, but it’s not possible to work, although there’s nothing to finish nothing, if you gather your strength - you can finish it in two weeks ... And so one deadline is replaced by another, then the game of hide and seek with the customer begins, then mutual insults, bad reviews ... It’s familiar, isn't it?

    Usually here begins the debriefing and draws attention to the mistakes made. I suggest you take a look from the other side, because at first everything went well, in a short time you managed to finish almost the entire project, cut down a good amount (prepayment) and even worked it out by making half of the site. And
    then what happened? In my opinion the answer is simple - you have run out of motivation! Damn motivation! Damn her!

    You are trying to restore motivation by reading stimulating articles, daydreaming about the second part of money and even a week-long rest from computers in a distant village, but nothing helps.

    Think about it, is it better to do prevention than to cure lack of motivation? But how? How can you beware of this scourge?

    I’ll try to give advice: measure how long after the start of the project you lose interest in it? After all, it was originally, otherwise you would not have borne this burden. Surely this is a period ranging from a week to a month. So why initially take a project whose development will take longer than you have enough motivation? And you need to take into account not only the pure time of your work on the project. For example, take a customer whose design is only for index pages, and he promises to send the rest while you embed the index page in your engine and is late for two months with layouts, periodically delivering you on Skype with requests to advise how best to do this or that ... You will surely lose interest in this project by the time the remaining pages are implemented and you are unlikely to hand it over at all.

    But where to get well-paid projects for a week or two? It was my personal goal when writing this article, to hear in the comments in which IT specialty is this possible and how
    to get good orders, exposing such harsh conditions to the customer about the terms of employment?

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