Network Officials

    Under Yeltsin, officials played tennis, under Putin they went skiing, under Medvedev they went online. As they declare: "For closeness to the people and transparency of actions." At the time of the extinction of traditional media, the outcome of the elections will largely be determined by positions on the Internet, and the struggle has already begun. 

    I think we should start “from the top”, with Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, with his diary , which publishes video and text messages of the President. The community is pre-moderated. Sharp comments are usually deleted. Dmitry Anatolyevich writes, of course, not himself.

    Here is a recently registered Medvedev twitter that he posted while traveling to the United States. But recently appeared on the network a parody of this microblogwhose name differs from the presidential one by only one letter. You should first read Medvedev's messages, and then parodies of them and compare. Sometimes it comes out very funny.

    The Chairman of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov in his blog of  liberties also does not allow himself, the situation is not that. True, a recent post about the MUZ-TV Prize and “the special role of popular music in the life of most citizens of the country” is a little out of context . Can not argue. Boris, now you are on your board.

    Chairman of the Federation Council Sergey MironovHe is actively touring the Russian outback. She does not forget to periodically upload photo reports where he meets and hugs with doctors, grandmothers, scientists and other unprotected layers of the population. What can I say? - Golden. You are a man, Sergei Mikhailovich.

    A little disappointing for Vladimir Volfovich. His blog posts, titled “Watch and Listen to Zhirinovsky,” look toothless. Without active gestures, hypnotically affecting the people, and harsh statements, the posts of his blog do not reach the very heart of an ordinary user. Maybe because he writes, of course, not himself.

    It should be noted the fresh blog of Ramzan Kadyrov, who got wrong after posting the post, suspiciously resembling the post that appeared the day before in LiveJournal Adam Delimkhanov, the State Duma deputy (by the way, his blog has already been deleted, as well as a duplicate post in Kadyrov's blog). You can already comment there too. All these flaws, the creators attributed to the test mode of the blog. A photo of Kadyrov on the userpic really strongly resembles Misha Galustyan.

    LJ called “The Mayor in Prison” is led by the mayor of the Ozyory town near Moscow Arthur Shmatko, who was detained for a bribe. Here you can read and appeal to Medvedev about the illegality of his detention. Since April, LJ has not been updated. Apparently in prison Wi-Fi does not catch. The mayor needs to be saved! Continuing the criminal topic, I also want to mention the blog of Alexander Shestun, in which he also denies the charges against him of bribes for fraud with the land. They also supported the tradition of video appeal to Medvedev. 

    In general, official blogs are boring progress reports, although online diaries are created for this purpose - to cover daily life. But still they get out of the genre. True, the lower we go, the less officialdom, farther from politics and (finally) closer to the people. Live Magazines are livelier. People write here themselves, not the press service or secretaries. It turns out that deputies and politicians also have human weaknesses.
    They write a lot about football. The head of the administration of the Oleninsky district of the Tver region Oleg Dubov , a hot fan, almost online comments on the semifinal of the World Cup. Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Perm Territory and member of the United Russia party Andrei Agishev is not indifferent to football either. He also does not disdain performances of the Comedy Club , publishing a video with a song about Gazprom and Medvedev's aphorisms , such as "At once, of course, gingerbread cookies do not fall from above."

    "Our answer to the governor of California." Photo of the Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh .

    State Duma deputy Denis Davitiashvili has warm feelings for the music of Tokio (not Hotel).
    Do not lag behind men and women politicians. Here is a recent photo report from the roads of hot Samara adviser to the mayor of Lebedinsky Elena.

    Blog of the State Duma Deputy Alina KabaevaHe has a weak relationship with politics, in fact, like Alina herself. Here is basically a video of her program on Channel 5, Steps to Success. All the press service publishes, and this is not hidden.
    In the United States, there are even a few rules for politicians who blog. The main advice - think before you post something. Check:
    1. Do you accidentally reveal the names of your colleagues, employees, relatives?
    2. Do you warn your friends to carefully publish photos of your presence?
    3. When you publish a photo, check to see if there are informative details in the background (a cabinet with documents showing the marking of folders, paper on the table, computer screen), is it possible to see something in reflective surfaces?
    4. When publishing files, does sensitive information (organization name, position, names, revision histories) remain in the title and properties of the document?

    Here you can find the most complete list of blogs of politicians, there are about 200 in total.
    Here are the most popular posts of politicians in recent days.

    I guess what all this gimp around LJ will lead to. With such low attendance at meetings of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Chairman of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov will create a closed community. And all bills will be discussed directly in the comments.

    In general, officials take root in the blogosphere with difficulty. The slogans “Factory Workers, Land for Peasants” are not met with enthusiasm, because all the gullible grandmothers who pecked at it remained offline. So far, the statement of top blogger Artemy Lebedev, “an asshole and a member of the Just Russia party, ” is closer to the people . Great political slogan? Give Lebedev the presidency!

    In the 2018 elections, when television and radio are forgotten and the power of state channels subsides, the name of the new president of the Russian Federation, with a high degree of probability, can be predicted by looking at the "Most Popular Magazines" section on .

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