Akavita became a victim

    I think all Belarusian Internet users are familiar with Akavita akavita.by this is what we can currently observe on the main page of this portal (2010.07.09 11-00 in Minsk):

    “Due to a power outage in Beltelecom’s data center, partially the database is corrupted. Restoration work is underway. We apologize for the inconvenience ...

    The Akavita team deeply regrets that Beltelecom, playing the role of the country's main site distributor, does not see the difference between the power supply of the data center and the potato storage (they say that it’s not hot at night, the potatoes will not go bad).
    A strange event called “planned power outage in the data center” (for a quarter of a day!) Clearly characterizes the attitude to the Belarusian Internet and the IT industry as a whole. “

    There are no words ...

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