Negative iPhone 4 order experience at Apple Store UK - how to disappoint a customer

    I decided to share my impressions of ordering several iPhone 4 in the English Apple Store, which painfully and insultingly hit me at once about four bumpers.

    It all started well: the Apple Store website offered to immediately buy an iPhone 4 and get it in 3 weeks.
    Having chosen the legendary branded bumper from the options, I added the iPhone to the basket without hesitation.
    To meet the needs of the team, I needed six pieces and I adjusted the quantity.

    “Deficit” I thought not without pride, seeing the message that appeared:
    “A maximum of 2 iPhones can be purchased per customer order. Please adjust the total quantity of iPhones to continue. "

    What to do, since only two pieces in one order are possible, we will make three orders in two pieces.
    Then I thought that employee logins might be required if the Apple Store does not allow multiple orders for one login, but everything went smoothly. Money was written off from the credit card, after a couple of hours three confirmations arrived in the mail.

    Delivery is promised in three weeks. Look forward to.
    A week has passed . Today letters come that two of the three orders have been canceled: With slight irritation, I am writing a polite reply to the Apple Store, asking to restore orders, because it was ordered for living people, and not to salt. After a couple of hours in a box a couple of new messages with the headings "Your Apple Order W123456 Has Been Shipped". I can’t believe my eyes, I look inside and am horrified: they sent me

    Dear ...,

    Thank you for your interest in Apple Products.

    To ensure that all customers are given equal opportunity to acquire this product, we have limited the amount available per customer. Our records indicate you have placed a previous order. Therefore this Order has been cancelled.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Kind regards,
    The Apple Store

    Four branded bumpers WITHOUT iPhones .

    I have not experienced such deep disappointment for a long time. What was wrong and what I, as a client, would expect:
    - They wrote off 3750 pounds from a credit card right away, although delivery is expected only in three weeks.
    It would make sense to reserve the goods, inform the client about the receipt and, only then, offer to pay.
    - They confirmed the order, and canceled it in a week.
    I would expect any compliance checks to take place before order confirmation.
    - The order was canceled, but the money has not been returned yet - a week of time has already been lost, and a three-week period will be considered again. For a new order, you need to pay extra money.
    - They canceled the order selectively at their discretion, despite the option “Items will be shipped when all items are available”.
    Here they have iron logic: in the order were iPhone (not available) and a bumper. The iPhone was canceled, and with it, the only obstacle to the client's treasured bumper.

    Here it is, who bitten the apple ...

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