Excursions + iPhone

    I like to travel. And I do not really like to take risks.
    But I love technology. Therefore, I want to share some thoughts on the topic of virtual tours.

    To begin with, in fact, a virtual tour is a very convenient thing. When I personally travel, I try to see as much as possible those places where I want to go, while still at home.
    And we are talking not only about museums (although, in principle, it’s also convenient), but about all kinds of hotels and other such things. Well, you must admit, it is much more pleasant to come to the hotel and know in advance where to go, and not try to catch someone who will explain this to you.

    I would like to note two of the most obvious approaches to creating such excursions:

    • In my opinion a very obvious approach.
      Given the release of iPhone 4, we can talk about such excursions more confidently, when such factors are included in the list: wi-fi and 3g .
      In principle, there is an idea to create a special service or “profession” for such excursions.
      Suppose you want to see the city you decide to go to - call such a service, order a guide - using a video call, you are at home watching what interests you.
      You can continue further.
      So you came to this city and suddenly fell ill, and so much I wanted to see.
      What to do? Call this service again and order another guide who will already give you a tour of the museum or any other place that you cannot visit in person.
      And so it can be ad infinitum.
    • The next approach should have a good technical base.
      In Russia, virtual tours in the form of applications are not so common. They are, but mainly in museums and central places (and we don’t go to museums just like that, not to mention virtual ones), and even then not all. Secondly, they are not user-friendly at all (Around the World, etc.). And I would like friendliness. And thirdly, it would be nice to transfer all this happiness to the phone. After all, it’s much more convenient to see everything on the spot.

    So, my idea is to create several concepts that will be virtual tours. For starters - in Moscow. And my choice is due not only to the fact that it is the capital and that I live here, but also to the fact that in Moscow it is easiest to get lost, in my opinion. And also because I personally know several indigenous (!) Muscovites who have no idea what Moscow has. What can we say about those who simply visit the capital?

    I love Moscow and I think that there is something to see. And only the Kremlin and Lenin show visitors. It’s not interesting. By the way, a virtual tour of the Moscow Kremlin Museums just exists. And I want you to be also on others. Give more museums, good and different! And at the same time and parks, and bars, restaurants and other eateries.
    Ideally, you can create a symbiosis of virtual tours and augmented reality.
    There are some results:

    The current location of the device

    Description of the nearest park zone

    Good luck!

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