Milestone of 2 billion downloads of Firefox add-ons taken


    Last week, two significant events took place in the camp of Mozilla Corporation, and even what! First of all, it is worth noting a simple fact - since the creation and start of distribution of the Firefox browser, over 2,000,000,000 add-ons have been downloaded. A substantial amount has been achieved in non-integer 4 years, and if we compare the download speed of the 1st billion add-ons, it took three and a half years to overcome the round number. The number 2 changed the number 1 at the very beginning of the downloads dial in just 20 months. Even though many of the add-ons are used only once, most of the 150,000,000 different Firefox add-ons are enabled at least once a day.

    On this occasion, Mozilla has collected a package of 25 best add-ons.of all time, which includes such popular extensions as StumbleUpon, Glue, Cooliris, Xmarks, Kidzui, GreaseMonkey, AdBlock Plus and of course Destroy the Web.

    The second event may not be comparable in its epicity to the first, but it also deserves attention. Bob Sutor, IBM’s vice president of open source and Linux, announced that IBM officially selects Firefox as its “default browser,” calling it, among other flattering articles: “stunningly standard compatible ”,“ not tied to any commerce ”and“ the best in terms of customization and expansion ”.

    Therefore, now 400,000 IBM employees can be considered active participants in the Mozilla community, which we users cannot but rejoice. Of course, besides this, a company with a 99-year history stated that: "it will recommend that all its vendors fully support free Firefox as a standard tool for viewing web pages."

    source: TechCrunch , RWW , ArsTechnica

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