Human difficulties in interacting with technology at various stages of life

    A person, living life, often changes his attitude towards the world. At first he thought it was necessary, then he realized that it was better in a different way. Today I want to talk about the stages of a person’s life and his attitude to the world, to technology. I do not have a psychological or philosophical education, but I think many will agree with the schemes given below, since they are simple and understandable, and in many ways even known.
    I want to raise the old problem of ages and attitude to something new. I think that the information will be mainly useful to interface designers.

    A life

    The periods of life of an ordinary person are divided into 2 stages I want to create and I have to consume.
    In the first stage, a person wants to create, wants to improve the world, wants to work. Everything new is better. Updates, news, activity - these are the words of this time.
    In the second case, a person is tired, he does not want anything, but in order to survive he has to act. In the stage of consumption, a person is tired of everything, he constantly forgets and for a long time understands, it is difficult to perceive new information. Life is more like torment than joy.
    The first group, not realizing the existing differences, often mocks and scoffs at the second. For example, did you ever say:
    • This person does not distinguish between “What is the Internet?” And “What is a browser?”. What an idiot!
    • This person uses IE, although you can INSTALL a more modern and faster browser. Let him suffer.

    For example, my grandfather is easy to understand. He used to be smart and inventive. Now he calls every week to find out how to switch channels on the TV, because now with two remotes (one from the TV, the other from the satellite) it's hard to figure out what's where. But talking about a variety of settings and options is not necessary. If the TV had buttons There, Here, Louder, Hush, Off / On, then life would be much easier. Need to do easier.


    Examples of overloaded and simple interfaces

    But why, then, it's common people and ordinary people often do not understand each other. For this, I made another schedule.

    IT'shnik's life

    It differs in that inventions begin earlier, occur more intensively and end later. The general similarity is that in the end the active person will get tired of everything. Of course, it’s not necessary that in old age you will hate everything, but for most it is. Naturally, for each person, life paths are different, but they have approximate similarities.
    So I think the next time that an ordinary user will be looking at you bewildered, not understanding what they want from him, and you will be indignant that the user does not distinguish between the words Internet, browser and Yandex, remembering this article, you’ll say “Well, you noob ”, and“ Yes, now the interfaces are not sufficiently developed. But you better understand this issue. ”

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