Buy Kremlin

    imageRecently, Yandex announced on Habr that now their cards are legally integrated by VKontakte. There was a call to use the Yandex.Maps API to create new applications in this social network. No sooner said than done. I want to introduce my VKontakte game on the Yandex.Mart platform, a simplified analogue of the late Monopoly City Streets.

    For those who are not aware of the Monopoly City Streets phenomenon : this is an economic strategy on a real map. Players need to trade real estate, buy and sell promising objects, rent houses, compete with each other and intercept profitable territories - and all this happens on the map of your hometown.

    The center of Moscow in the game at the moment looks like this: Or like this:



    The map shows the houses belonging to the players, streets and other “zones of influence”. The social component gives this picture a special look. In addition, this is one of the few games implemented on pure JS through an iframe, rather than flash, which also deserves attention. On the remote server, only a small wrapper to the database that responds to AJAX requests is spinning, and the application itself consists of a single html index page with micro templates (thanks to Resig ) and one js file.

    The player starts with a starting capital of 100 coins, on which he can buy either two cheap houses, or one more expensive. Further, renting them out, he can increase his capital by acquiring new real estate, improving the old one, buying up entire areas of the city and making profit from those who work on its territory.

    Although many of the habra-people do not like and are not registered on VKontakte, I think that the idea and its implementation will be of interest to many.


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