The official Android 2.2 OTA update for Nexus One is available

    imageA few hours ago, Google announced that by the end of this week (apparently until 07/04/10), all users will gradually begin to receive an update for their Nexus One “over the air”.

    I did not wait for this moment and updated my Nexus to Froyo.
    By the way, my device had the EPE54B firmware and it did not want to be updated earlier, but I did not want to root.

    Total, if you do not want to wait, catch the link and instructions for the new official firmware!

    1. First, download the universal firmware from here , which is suitable for all versions of Nexus One firmware. Attention! The firmware is OFFICIAL and only for non-rooted phones!

    2. Rename the file to and throw it at the root of the memory card.

    3. Turn off the phone, then simultaneously hold down the power button and trackball.

    4. Next, we get to the “white screen” with droids on skateboards, select (using the volume buttons) “Bootloader” and press the shutdown button.

    5. Select “Recovery” with the volume buttons, and click on it with the power button.

    6. The phone will reboot, after which you will see a picture with a droid and a triangle above it.

    7. Press the power off button and the volume up button almost simultaneously (first press the power button, then press the volume up button).

    8. There will be a small menu where we select “Apply sdcard:” and click on it using the trackball.

    9. Everything, then the phone will be flashed, it will take a little time. Personally, I just flashed my Nexus One. :)

    Enjoy! :)

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