Google changes tactics of resistance to Chinese censorship

    The saga of confrontation between Google and China continues. The search engine accepts another attempt to raise and work without censoring the results.

    Since Google said at the beginning of the year that he did not intend to further censor search results, the history of relations between Google and China has gone through many twists and turns. So, the decision taken in March to automatically redirect visitors from to Hong Kong outraged the Chinese government. So much so that China promised to ban the company’s activities if the redirect is not removed.

    And so, Google came up with another move: he removed the redirect, and now when we go to the page, we see, at first glance, a standard search bar.


    However, when you try to place the cursor or press a button, we are transferred to the same, where the user can continue the search or use other services. The person is notified in advance that this will happen and, thereby, they are left with the right to choose. It turns out that formally the requirements of the Chinese government are met, while Google has not changed its principles on the unacceptability of censorship and still provides access to all its services from one page.

    It turns out that Google is between a rock and a hard place - on the one hand, a very promising Chinese market (with the largest number of Internet users), on the other hand - the requirement of censorship, which does not combine with the policies of the search giant. If the step taken by him calms the Chinese authorities a little, everyone will benefit from it. But there is a hunch that the Google-Chinese saga is still very far from the denouement.


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