Farmville game forces Mozilla to upgrade Firefox

    Just three days after the release of Firefox 3.6.4 (June 22), the Mozilla organization was forced to release Firefox 3.6.6 (June 25), which increased the timeout before killing a hovering plugin.

    The out of process plug-ins (OOPP) feature was added in version 3.6.4 and allowed to stop the execution of the Flash Player, QuickTime, or Silverlight object if it hung or did not respond within ten seconds. However, immediately after that, a lot of compliments from dissatisfied users of the Farmville game appeared on the Bugzilla forums (on Facebook it is an analogue of “Happy Farm”), in which this game freezes for longer intervals, and then “hangs”. They were unhappy that Firefox was stopping them from playing, giving out messages asking them to “kill” the process.

    As a result, Mozilla was forced to release a new build 3.6.6, in which the timeout was increased to 45 seconds.

    If this goes on, then soon the sites will not be optimized for browsers, but on the contrary, browsers will be specially designed to work as quickly as possible with the most popular web applications.

    via Computerworld

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