Screenjelly, Screentoaster or Radmin?

    Many have heard, and some most likely used services like ScreenJelly or ScreenToaster . The latter, however, will stop working completely on July 31, but we are not talking about that.


    The essence of the service is to record screencasts from the screen of your computer with the subsequent publication of video on the service.
    When realizing the task of recording from the screen and transmitting to the server, the mechanisms of the operation of similar services were analyzed.

    So, what is needed to record a screencast on ScreenJelly and others like it:

    1. Click on Record, wait for the Java applet to load.
    2. Allow him to become trusted


    3. Enjoy life Open Firebug and see clearly. This small applet does a modest good deed - it raises the local VNC server and with its help sends the desktop screencast to the server.


    Someone needs an explanation that using VNC you can not only screen up your screen, but even completely control your computer? And you entrusted the applet to do whatever it wants. And it is not known what unscrupulous owners of such a site can do with your computer.

    By the way, no similar jokes have been noticed for ScreenJelly. But there are a few more such services than dofiga.

    Be careful!

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