Money for a startup do it yourself

    There is an idea - there is no money, there is money - there are no ideas. Which of these situations is closer to you? And what if there is no money, but they are needed for a brilliant startup, or where to invest their money so that they bring in a steady income? I am sure that many people asked themselves these questions only at different times.

    In order not to wrestle with it, the WebMoney system has long since implemented the Capitaller service (Capitaller), where you can solve these issues for yourself, but I have always said, I will speak and I will say - all our troubles are from ignorance!

    No, I will not bore you with complex algorithms of the service, but only indicate the direction in which it is necessary, if someone needs to dig ...

    To bring his idea to life, the Moscow schoolboy needed $ 3000, which his parents gave him, thanks to which the world saw, which, by the way, was offered to be redeemed for $ 30 million later. But not everyone has such understanding parents. So what to do if they are not? The amount seems to be relatively small for some startups, but you need to take it somewhere. You can wait and hope for years that any investor will notice you, if you notice at all, you can take a loan at interest, you can invent a lot of things and stay in the end without the necessary money, and you can only learn the Capitaller site for a few days , integrated into shareholder. The WebMoney system has already given a tool for these purposes, and not only these, you just need to skillfully use it.

    So, this tool is the Budget Machine (BA) in the WebMoney system, which the Capitaller service allows us to create for our purposes, having received a new WMID with the Capitaller certificate:


    And you need only two requirements for this - the personal certificate of WebMoney and the second level domain. Agree that this (buying a certificate and a domain) is not so much for the realization of your idea, and also quite justified - a small investment for a dream. Although many have a domain for their idea, as a rule.

    Then everything is simple - register your BA in the Capitaller service, set the quantity and price you need, manage these BA shares, buy out the minimum package of your BA shares, put up for sale control shares through the Shareholder platform, as you sell your shares, we hear the sound of fallen webmanks from yourself in the keeper ...

    Of course, I have simplified everything very much, but I did it on purpose, discarding all the nuances and difficulties, so that you understand the principle itself and learn that you can provide yourself with start-up capital for your project with your own hands, that you don’t need to kill the years of your life to find investors, and you just need to go to the site where these investors are waiting for you, and you will only have to introduce yourself and your new one, and you can even get the old business in the right form, so that you can be trusted and invested in you. Also, this platform can serve as an excellent filter for any startup - if the idea is great, then investors will not keep themselves waiting, believe me, I have repeatedly observed how funds for the BA management fund of about $ 50-100k are collected, but if this does not happen, then it may be worth still think about the need for his initiative.

    In fact, everyone understands that no one will just give you money, of course, you must present your development plans to potential investors, promise good dividends on shares bought out from you after launching your project, pay them in time if you want in the future to increase the management fund of your BA and collect the amount needed for further development, etc., but, as they say, “the need for invention is tricky” ...

    I also make a reservation that after creating a BA, you are provided with a WebMoney system closed forum on, where you and your equity investors have the opportunity to discuss the activities of your BA, which gives you the opportunity to learn ideas and wishes for successful development of the project - profit everyone wants to receive, and, the more, the better. And also on the open forum you can find out your questions on creating BA.

    Some statistics on BA today for the Capitaller service:


    In the final, I can tell you that many well-known, for example, credit and exchange private services in the network are working and developing now, thanks to the time created by BA, and ruble BA-millionaires have long been no news on the site, as well as dollars, they are much smaller but they are already there. In order not to think that I am advertising something here, I can give the names in a personal.


    I note that the share of BA game developers, both for investors and for startups, has become particularly popular now. Also an interesting fact for me was the recent opening of a special section on the well-known investor and business forum - - an online stock exchange dedicated to investing in various BA shares, where you can also find investors for your project by advertising your BA.

    If my article has interested anyone and you are going to register your own BA for attracting investments, or you are going to invest in any BA for income, then it is more clear about WebMoney BA written here , and I recommend starting the service with the Wiki , a little difficult at first, but many have already gone through it. Think and do, ladies and gentlemen, instead of waiting and hoping, everything is in your hands, and there are no hopeless situations in life!

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