Event007 - hosting service for invitations to concerts, events and meetings

    • Have you ever had a need to quickly send out information to your friends in ICQ, where and when will the meeting be?
    • Did you have to organize an event (for example, a concert) and had to create a web page for this?
    • Did you hear in response to the invitation to visit the group in contact outrage from friends who do not have profiles there?
    In these and not only cases, the Event007 service would be useful to you .

    The idea of ​​the service was born with us recently and we are ready to present it to you!

    The main idea of ​​the project is the simple publication of invitations to events (concerts, exhibitions, conferences, alumni meetings, etc.).

    How it works. When publishing, you can write the invitation text, attach an image (for example, a poster or a flyer), show an interactive map. After that, you will receive a link of the form http://event007.ru/xl2kA/ , which you can send to all your friends, embed on your blog, post to twitter and so on. Invitations to Event 007 can be public or private (not published on the main page).

    In addition, the main page of the site provides a list of public events that will occur in the near future.

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