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    We, the Megaplan company, would like to clarify and state the facts that caused the heated discussions on Habré .

    Megaplan Company acted as the general partner of the Baikal Internet Conference (BIF-2010).

    At the stage of preliminary partnership negotiations, there was an agreement with the organizers that Megaplan would provide all participants with free test use of the system and register them on their own (the organizers would provide a base) so as not to waste the participants time filling out the registration fields. These arrangements were consolidated in writing. So that all the unspoken rules of Internet communications are respected and “there are cheeky packs”, we agreed that a checkmark appears on the BIF website that the registrant agrees to receive mail from the organizers and official partners of the BIF. About the “tick”, of course, there were no documents (well, it’s impossible to fix every sneezing and scratching ... we are a partner, not a co-organizer or executor, and it’s not our prerogative to demand and monitor compliance with generally accepted procedures).

    Further, as planned, our representative Kirill Pshinnik, sales director, announced from the platform of the BIF that all participants would be given free 30-day access to the system.

    At the end of the BIF, the organizers should have sent out an information letter. This is a standard procedure - to express gratitude to all participants and visitors. In this newsletter they should have informed about the upcoming registration in our system (we agreed on this). Unfortunately, the organizers did not send out the newsletter, but, alas, we did not check it. We were informed that the newsletter will leave on the night of June 21-22 and we found this time suitable for sending Megaplan registration data (logins, passwords and a brief instruction “what to do next”).

    By the way, by the time we announced on our blogabout the gift and upcoming registration. Information was also tagged with the BIF hash tag on corporate twitter and facebook .

    Megaplan company is obliged to no longer use the address database received from the organizers of the BIF, but "it is impossible to turn the mince back and you can’t restore the meat from cutlets": all conference participants are already registered in Megaplan. If you do not want your data to remain in our system, write to us at or call (495) 221-69-58 and ask for “to preventively remove you from the system”. In any case, if you do not use Megaplan, all your data will be automatically deleted from our system after 3 months.

    We are pleased that in Irkutsk there is such an active online community that any oversight does not go unnoticed. We regret that she contributed to the increase in information noise throughout the Internet.

    Mikhail Smolyanov,
    Director of Megaplan

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