Workshop "LINQ'building and SharePoint"

    We invite everyone interested in LINQ and SharePoint to a meeting dedicated to creating LINQ providers and SharePoint.

    At the meeting there will be 3 reports on experience with SharePoint through LINQ providers. The experience of participants about creating their own providers, as well as using Microsoft's implementation, will be described.
    • “Features of using CAML in SharePoint. Camlex.NET - a tool for building CAML queries using lambda expressions »Sadomov Alexey and Vladimir Timashkov
    • “LINQ to SharePoint 2010 and how to prepare OData” Vitaliy Baum
    • “Your own LINQ to SharePoint” Mikhail Arkhipov

    Venue: Microsoft office (St. Petersburg, Aptekarskaya embankment, 20 letter A, Avenue Business Center, 8th floor). The nearest metro station is Petrogradskaya. Map


    The cost of the event: Free

    Date: July 2 (Fri) 2010 18:00 - 21:00

    Do not forget to register and bring your ID with you .

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