A kit for assembling your own tablet with a touch OLED display is available to order

    The popularity of Internet tablets could not help but open up new niches in the emerging market.
    So, after products from well-known brands, Liquidware introduced its touch tablet, which can be assembled by the buyer.

    Liquidware offers to purchase a set of components, which includes:
    • The BeagleBoard Rev C4 motherboard with an integrated 720-MHz OMAP3530 processor, on the chip of which RAM also fits
    • Touch BeledTouch OLED screen with a resolution of 480 * 272 pixels, capable of displaying 262 thousand colors (18 bit depth?)
    • 2600 mAh BeagleJuice battery, which is connected to the device via a two-pin connector
    • As well as a 4 GB SD card with Angstrom Linux OS preinstalled
    The developers also prudently placed a 20-mm speaker in the module with a touch screen.
    It costs all this miracle “only” $ 393 and can be a good toy for wealthy children and just people who value what they have done “
    do-it-yourselfLink to the Liquidware catalog
    Review from video on Oled-Info.com

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