Microsoft BizSpark a year and a half after the start - reviews from the side

    I for a long time did not publish information on the program for startups Microsoft BizSpark on Habré . As they say, there was no point, everything is so good. The program is developing, the number of startups in it is close to 1500 .
    However, Habr is also developing, and its audience is being updated. And given the fact that much has been done over the past year for the convenience of participants, it makes sense to talk about it. And not only on behalf of Microsoft, but also on behalf of the partners of the program and, of course, the startups themselves.

    Actually, the first half of the story I recommend to look at the story released yesterday SoftlineTV:
    And the second - is the answer to the question on the forum MSDN, dedicated BizSpark:
    In the same forum, you can ask additional questions.

    I can add from myself that I am very glad that in 4 years we managed to create an infrastructure that really helps startups move along the path of creating and promoting a business.
    So - no matter what technology you use - “come to the light”, we will be happy to help.

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