LiveStreet APS package at

    We are pleased to announce that LiveStreet 0.4.1 has become available as an APS package on . Moreover, the package received the status of Gold Application , i.e. successfully passed full testing.
    APS packages are designed for one-click auto-installation of web applications from hosting panels manufactured by Parallels (Plesk) and other developers. In total, the catalog contains more than 200 different web applications from blogs to galleries. And we are very pleased that among them was LiveStreet - this is the first domestic free CMS placed in this directory.

    We express our gratitude to the company COMTET ( komtet), which prepared, tested and certified this package.
    You can download the package on its page in the directory .

    Application Packaging Standard (APS) is a web application packaging format designed to simplify the implementation of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model for cloud service providers and independent software developers. APS package - A web application packaged in accordance with the APS standard.

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