Is your phone still ringing? Then we go to you

    Due to my work and due to the fact that I live in a family of telephone operators, that’s why I know firsthand about wired telephony. I want to share with you HABRubusers some information:


    Once there were no Customer Service Centers, there were telephone centers, each district had its own (in the Moscow district the Moscow telephone center, in the Nekrasovsky district - Nekrasovsky, etc. ) After a small design, all communication nodes were removed, and CSCs were introduced
    . This did not affect end users, but the employees were not enthusiastic about this.
    Roughly speaking, they divided the linear and the subscriber parts. The nodes served only one district, and now the whole city.

    This is a separate song.
    I have always been opposed to connecting to the Vanguard-ADSL, but connecting like this:
    you are given an ADSL modem, in the box and you go home to connect and configure it YOURSELF
    Separately, I want to mention the speed of work, the connection speed of the modem with the server is always maximum (not I remember exactly, it used to be 2.5 Mbit, I don’t know now), but not all telephone lines support this speed, so your connection will constantly be disconnected until you call support and ask to lower the Linear speed.

    The most interesting thing is how the company decided to fix the connection statistics for the year. All employees were forcibly given modems, transferred funds and were obliged to connect to Avangard-DSL - as a result, several thousand new customers.

    At the moment, NWT is switching subscribers to optics, and the switch is forced, it cannot be abandoned. Called the new PON technology. The goal is optics in every apartment.
    What do we get from switching from copper to optics:
    - When the power is turned off in the house, the phone stops working too.
    - We lose our phone number, which has pleased us for so long.
    - Constant congestion in the line, due to raw and not well-developed technology, and hence the inability to call anywhere.
    - Impossibility of further use without re-equipment of your security alarm system.

    More details can be found on the Fontanka

    “In the NWT help desk, we were offered three options: either you are left without an alarm, or without a phone and an alarm, or you pay 30 thousand.” You

    cannot refuse to conclude new contracts - by the end of summer, the active wires in the houses that have fallen into the “pilot” zone will be physically deleted.

    Dear signalmen, I respect your work and love communication.
    The article, and most likely the note is purely informational in nature and is not intended to offend anyone.

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