WWDC 2010 Opening Broadcast Invitation

    Hello! I invite you all to a live text broadcast of Steve Jobs' presentation at the opening of WWDC. Our broadcast will take place on the site http://macspoon.ru and will begin at 21:00 Moscow time. A little more detail - in the video.

    Recording video invitations for Habr’s readers has become a little tradition for me, the two previous invitations were to a press conference about the iPad and a press conference in September 2009 .

    I’ll answer the frequently asked questions right away:
    • There will be no live video anywhere. Apple will post it a few hours after the completion of the presentation. We will definitely give a link to it in @ macspoon .
    • Beginning at 21:00 Moscow time.
    • No, we are not in San Francisco, we read and quickly translate English-language broadcasts.
    • Invitation shot on Canon 5D Mark II.

    I also recorded a video in which I said that today Apple can show us, you can watch it here: http://macspoon.ru/apple/events/about-wwdc-2010 . In the same place - all details and links to broadcasts of other sites that have already been published on Habré.

    In addition to broadcasting on http://macspoon.ru , we will conduct it on our special twitter @ macspoon_live . We are waiting for you!

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