Microsoft stops paying for using Bing

    Two years ago, before the release of Bing, Microsoft launched the program Windows Live Cashback (then - Bing Cashback), which allowed to save on purchases in the online store, if the transition to it was carried out from a search engine. For two years, several thousand online stores were registered to participate in the program, all of which provided Bing users with exclusive discounts. Despite this, Microsoft decided to close the Bing Cashback program on August 1, 2010.

    At first, marketers praised Microsoft's initiative as a competent way to “buy" users. It was assumed that with the help of material incentives it would be possible to lure some audience to Bing. However, this did not happen: after two years, Google’s share remained at 65%, and the ratio of search engines on the market for almost two years has not changed.

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