Pushme.to - instant messaging for iPhone and any web browser, free

    Pushme.to is an iPhone program and web service for sending free instant messages, both from iPhone and from any web browser.

    You will need an iPhone to use, but your friends do not need to have one. If there is an Iphone, our program can become a replacement for SMS / MMS (as programs like Whatsapp or PingChat do), but if not, you just need to send them a link like pushme.to/nickname and they can write you an instant message, and Get a response immediately in your browser.

    We did Pushme.to initially as a web pager, then decided that it should close the “hole” between email / IM and SMS, the very one that still sends you a bunch of SMS, despite the fact that all your friends all day at the computer.

    This is not an analog of ICQ, and it is faster than email, your inbox is accessible from the web, even if you forgot your iPhone at home, “SMS in the cloud” as I somehow like to call it;).

    Well and besides - the program is completely free today, download it and tell us if you liked it.

    pushme.to or iTunes right away: pushme.to/app


    PS. I don’t know if it’s correct to create such a topic in Apple, while I will not.

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