US Virtual Bank Account, or how to withdraw money from foreign payment systems


    Due to the rapid development of mobile devices and Google Android OS in particular, interest in developing software for this platform is a very natural phenomenon. As it turned out, it is not much different from the usual development on Java for desktop / web, and taking into account the possibility of using the “standard” IDE (Eclipse) by downloading and embedding the Android SDK, as well as the availability of comprehensive documentation, many technical issues are removed by themselves. The conceptual aspect (i.e. the idea for implementation in the form of software) was also not long in coming, since the platform is relatively new, despite the recently released version 2.1, and the competitive environment is accordingly not so saturated, if we take, for example, development for same iPhone.(There could be a detailed part about the software itself, but due to some nuances, such as the incompleteness of the project and the lack of specific results, let us skip it for now).
    There was the last, and, of course, the most interesting (logical, isn't it?) Question - money, and specifically - how to correctly withdraw honestly earned banknotes received from selling software on the Android Market . - Free Image Hosting
    I won’t go into details, after all, the article is aimed at those who are roughly oriented in this topic, I will say briefly - in this case, the Google Checkout online payment processing service , which initially does not work with non-residents of the United States, is targeted. As far as I know, there are no direct ways to solve this problem, so I had to look for workarounds.

    The plot.

    A clear statement of the problem is already half the solution. I don’t remember which of the greats said this, but the fact remains, after all the questions with regards to checkout were clarified, the circle of solutions was much narrowed, leaving as a result the notorious Payoneer international payment system .
    It is known and interesting to us because it allows you to order (and at first absolutely free) a prepaid plastic MasterCard card, with which you can withdraw money at any convenient nearby ATM. In combination with the recently introduced US Virtual Bank Account service (hereinafter referred to simply as VBA), this is very much like "what the doctor attributed." Perhaps there are better options, because in this case all kinds of costs in the form of a commission take place, in our case it was considered insignificant. But ... Not so simple (holders of activated Payoneer cards skip the next paragraph).

    In order to activate this service, you need to have their “working” card, i.e. one to which money from verified sources has already been successfully transferred. Nuance - for some reason, at first it was thought that it must be a US resident, even some movements were made in this direction, but later it turned out that an ordinary money transfer was enough for this without any additional requirements for the card holder. Enivey, neither a Payoneer card, nor a dollar account was available, so I had to do one more feint with my ears - after ordering the Pioneer card itself, I also organized an ordinary dollar Visa Classic and through the oDesk servicespend a couple of penny orders for $ 10-20 for the above-mentioned "verification" of a Peynir piece of plastic. I won’t describe this process in detail either, I think many people are familiar with online exchanges, and there are a lot of notes on this topic on the internet on blogs. I can only say that these payments were not 100% fictitious, because they essentially were the development of the software mentioned above for Android. Softina was divided into several parts and “implemented” through orders with a fixed (not hourly, it’s easier) payment. Although in fact it was transferring money from the left pocket to the right, this is not prohibited. Thus, the Payoneer card was activated almost for free - the money for the “orders” were immediately withdrawn, and the deposit was 10 cu. for the buyer of services, Odessa was returned in time intact.

    It is worth noting that all the gestures were committed on time, the Payoneer support team fellows (this is not a product placement of Strelnikov, but a subjective assessment after a real act of cooperation). By the way, they have a couple of Russian-speaking people there, so even for those with poor knowledge of English everything will be intuitive and understandable; if you call on Skype - no problem at all, cheap and cheerful. One “but” - the processing of applications by the English support is much faster. Do not compare with the same PrivatBank - in order to open for payment via the Internet (read Privat24 - an online banking system, crooked and buggy by the way) Visa card, I had to cut it to the central office twice and even manually write a statement addressed to the branch director ( ?). In peyonir, even a scan of the Ukrainian passport was taken with a bang on the soap, although, it would seem,

    Now, in fact, “closer to the body,” as Guy de Maupassant said. The VBA service seems to be still in beta testing, and its activation for each individual client is done manually. At least there was no other way than to terrorize the support again.
    So, what was done specifically step-by-step:

    1) From your personal account on Payoneer, a standard support application was filled out (name, soap, the last 4 digits of the card number are just drawn up just in case, and why do you need them): 2) After a couple of days it became clear that the processing of these messages was done either by another department, or simply by other people, or maybe the evil factor was played by the factor that the Russian language was initially chosen, in general, it was decided to duplicate the request for soap too:

    As you can see, the letter is written in free format, it indicates that I want to open VBA and is ready to provide all the necessary information in order to be allowed to use this service. It seems to be a trifle, but, nevertheless, there are cases when, for a number of reasons, people have been refused.

    3) A quick response came from a certain Claudia Chvaicer @, who wrote the following:

    In a nutshell, she writes that the US virtual bank account is a service that allows you to make ACH (Automated Clearing House - American electronic checks) payments and upload them directly to a Payoneer card. The cost of such happiness is only $ 20 per year and 2% of transaction costs. As for me, it’s a reasonable deal, as they say. To start a virtual interview, you must provide data on the products and services that you plan to provide, from whom to receive payments, what is the address of the company’s website, as well as additional information, if any.

    4) None of the listed military secrets represents, so without hesitation, the following answer was written and sent: Please note, I did not make a secret from the fact that I have an EIN (Employer Identification Number) in

    US tax authority and I am registered there as a private individual developer.

    By the way, about EIN - it is a necessary attribute for the subsequent "correct" registration in the market, and, of course, a guarantee that you will be considered an honest taxpayer in the USA. I suspect that it was precisely his presence that led to the rapid upward application for the opening of VBA. And yet - if anyone wants to do it for themselves, do not get fooled by this scam - it's about enterprises that conduct its registration for $ 50-100. Skype on the United States, answer the questionnaire, wait a couple of minutes until they check the base for whether you already have them on the list, it will cost you only 2-3 dollars (!!!). Then the operator will dictate the letters to you, that's all. In order not to paint the entire process in detail, below is a link to an example of a correctly completed application for Employer Identification Number questionnaire (for use by employers, corporations,
    Form SS-4 (.pdf)

    5) In the subsequent response letter to the support, information was received that VBA is activated: Moreover, we are kindly notified that using VBA you can also cash out money with PayPal. Miracle, isn't it?) You can immediately make sure that everything works by looking at the “US Virtual Account” item in the “Services” menu: Voila, this is what we need, namely the account in First Bank of Delaware , which in the USA: Bank Routing Number - bank code (you can see here ), Account Number - account number itself. The document with information on VBA is not a secret, so I also post it for everyone to see .

    Now you can use this service for the benefit of yourself or others :). How to get attached to Google Checkout or PayPal, I think, will not be difficult to figure out. That is all. I hope this article is written in an accessible and understandable way, and for someone to come in handy. If something is not clear I will try to answer in the comments. Thanks for attention.

    *** edit ***
    In connection with the order of a new plastic card, the question arose whether it was necessary to reactivate the VBA service. Although this is logical, confirmation by the manager will not hurt:
    “As soon as you receive and activate a new card, the money and services related to your existing card will be transferred automatically to the new card.”
    ps Torai has done research on Payoneer partners. I advisefamiliarize yourself , come in handy when ordering a card.

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