Dead time waiting, or about how the iPhone returned us three months of life (well, almost)

    Data from a recent study in England:
    “On a personal date, say to friends, people are late for an average of 47 minutes a week. Multiply by the number of weeks and you will get almost 38 hours. This is a day and a half. For 50 years of active life - almost three months. ”

    I don’t know how it is for you, but for me the iPhone (there could be any similar device in its place) turned out to be a portable killer of already “dead” time - while my wife is dressing, she is waiting in line for a doctor, a supermarket, anywhere.

    My recipes:
    - Reading books / articles, more often articles - it is easier to swallow them completely in 10-15 minutes
    - Delayed chess games - you can take it out of your pocket and think about the move (the idea is good, but it’s stupid in such situations - chess requires concentration)
    - Facebook and Twitter - timeline
    - short videos a la TED
    - meditation on the Things task list and its sorting

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