Google Reader will lose Gears and support for older browsers

    Starting June 1, Google Reader will lose offline reading mode, and users of older browsers will see a warning that it would be nice to upgrade to newer software that supports modern web standards.

    Surprisingly, the proposal to upgrade to a newer version of the browser this time applies not only to users of Internet Explorer, but even to fans of Chrome 3, which is six months old. In addition, Firefox 1 and 2, as well as Safari 2 and 3, fell under the hot hand.

    However, in addition to the unpleasant times for fans of old browsers (and poor workers with Estonian system administrators), with the departure of spring, support for Google Gears with offline mode will also go away. We've all already seen this in Google Docs, but there HTML5 replaced data caching to replace Gears. In Google Reader, at least initially, there will be no caching support.

    However, the developers promise to work on Google Reader updates and delight with new features. I would like to believe that my favorite RSS reader will soon be rewritten using HTML5 and CSS3, and there I’ll already hope for logical support for offline reading using standard HTML5 tools. In the meantime, Google engineers advise offline readers to use desktop RSS clients that support synchronization with Google Reader.

    Just do not be upset - the arrival of these (for some) not very pleasant news coincides with the onset of summer, and this is damn awesome! ^ __ ^

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