New look and plans for the Samba project at the SambaXP meeting


    A new post has recently appeared on the Samba dev blog . It describes the future development plans of the project.
    Firstly, the website and the samba logo were updated. It has become more modern in contrast to the old.
    Also not so long ago, the annual SambaXP meeting in Germany was held . At it, the developers identified the main plans for the further development of the project.

    Probably one of the main topics that was raised at the meeting is Samba 4 . The project team claims to have made great strides in this area. Andrew Trigell, the creator of Samba, demonstrated two-way replication between the Microsoft Active Directory and the Samba4 domain.
    As additional topics, the implementation of the smb2 protocol was discussed, the operation of which we can observe in the latest versions of samba.

    During the team meeting and after consultations of developers of OEM and Linux distributions, it was decided that Samba releases will now be released with a period of 9 months.
    In general, the pace of development of the Samba project is increasing every year, and this is good news.

    Here are some photos from the SambaXP meeting site (

    image| | | Links: Samba Blog Article - SambaXP Meeting Site - sambaxp.orgimage



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