New indicators of the percentage of download on the roots of the tabs of the future Firefox

    On the twentieth of May, the code of the future Firefox (I ’ll remind you: most likely it will be called Firefox 4, and not just Firefox 3.7 as a result) , changes were made that visually appear as progress bars showing the conditional percentage of page loading on the tab roots, relevant pages. Also, the roots of the tabs will be equipped with closing buttons that appear only when you hover the mouse over the spine (the rest of the time this space will be given to the page title): In Bugzilla, these changes correspond to bug 549061 (which is accompanied by a couple of screenshots: [ 1 ], [ 2 ] -

    [appearance of tabs with indicator bars and with a button to close the tab]

    showing the appearance of tabs in different themes of Windows); The Burning Edge blog post talks about the appearance of this innovation in Firefox nightly build on the 23rd , also discussed on the MozillaZine forum .
    You can install this assembly for yourself if you want to feel the innovation, but follow the usual precautions (starting from under a new user profile , etc.), especially taking into account the non-completed bugs of this assembly mentioned on Mozillazine (resetting toolbars to the default state etc.).
    Users of the Tab Mix Plus extension need not worry, because they already have all these useful tab design features.

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