Microsoft loses employees and enters manual mode

    Microsoft, which has been steadily losing ground in the entertainment market over the past two years, is taking unprecedented measures to improve the situation.

    On May 24, it became known that Jay Allard, corporate vice president of Microsoft XNA, who had been directly involved in the launch and promotion of the Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles, and who has recently been involved in promoting the Zune player, has been stepping down from the corporation for 19 years.

    Yesterday, as PC writes , it became known that Robert Bach, a man who had worked for 22 years in the company and still holds the post of head of the department of entertainment and devices, will lose his job. Moreover, no one will occupy his position, and Ballmer will personally take control of the unit.

    One gets the feeling that the karma of old-timers Microsoft spoiled Google, Apple and BlackBerry. Now the battle for top places in the smartphone and tablet segment is unfolding between these brands.

    You can draw an analogy with browsers, Microsoft still occupies a solid market share, but is steadily losing customers. The company's attempts to promote the Windows Phone 7 operating system as a platform for lightweight mobile devices have not had much success. Suffice it to recall that after the acquisition of Palm, HP abandoned the idea of ​​installing Windows on its Slate tablet, preferring the WebOS system.

    The effect of successful agreements with some manufacturers of netbooks will not be felt soon.

    In general, for some time the Macrosoft department of Entertainment and Devices will operate in manual control mode. You can only sympathize with Steve Ballmer - the task before him is, although not impossible, but difficult, and most importantly - not the only one. In addition, the fact that Ballmer will now deal with everything personally, suggests that the company is experiencing staff shortages.

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