More recently, I stumbled upon an interesting service that can be useful to those who often buy on DealExtreme and other similar sites.

    UPD Thanks to user el777 for the invite. Well, welcome the author of the vgrayster service . As soon as he settles on Habré, he will immediately begin to answer your questions.
    What can this service do?

    Checking the parcel at Hong Kong Post.
    Check the parcel at the post office of Russia.
    Check the parcel at the post office of Kazakhstan.
    Upd. In addition to Russia, the mails of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China, Hong Kong, and the USA are fully tracked. Tracks R ** HK, * CN, * US, * RU should be tracked without problems.
    Send notifications by mail if the parcel status has changed.
    So far, only R ***** HK tracks are served, but now a module for **** US tracks is being written.
    I showed the track EA ***** RU perfectly, but did not show domestic Russian mail (14-digit number without letters).
    The system is built modularly and adding the necessary mail is not particularly difficult.

    Here is an example of how the service works: the
    sending track -

    While the tracks update time - 1 time per day, sending email - 1 time per day, at 3 a.m. in Moscow.

    UPD - if someone has an extra invite to the Habr (I don’t, unfortunately) and this doesn’t feel sorry for someone, then invite the author of the service. The author will be happy to answer all your questions.

    UPD2. - Transferred to "I am PR," although I am not the PR.

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