20+ signs that your startup is already a startup

    StartupMy five kopecks on Friday's piggy bank. In the life of every (successful) project, there comes a moment when this project enters the start-up stage ( Wikipedia, stages of a start-up project : seed stage / prototype -> start / start-up -> growth / exit). It seems that just a month ago it was still unsteady and undefined, but now it seems like cash flow, employees, and profit. And the “next cool project” is growing into a completely normal, albeit young, company.

    In general, let's go, 20 signs that you already have a startup.

    1. You gather with employees not in a random tavern, but in your office.
    2. You print business papers not from friends and acquaintances, but on an office printer.
    3. The words "primary", "USN" and "KBK" ceased to be spells for you.
    4. Even before the conclusion of the contract, you already know how much money you will earn from it.
    5. The last paper you wrote on was the next contract.
    6. A month does not begin with the question “where to get the money”, but with invoicing work, paying taxes and wages.
    7. Salaries for some reason increased by the amount of all tax deductions.
    8. You are not thinking about how to earn the next amount of money, but how to correctly spend it on development.
    9. You prefer to pay all bills by bank transfer.
    10. Instead of starving for weeks, you now sleep for weeks.
    11. When you manage to sleep, only gray schemes of money laundering are dreamed.
    12. At the weekend, you "relax" because customers work only 5 days a week.
    13. You stop personally calling for all the documents, and send the courier.
    14. A conversation with investors begins with the volume of sales, not the technological aspects of the project.
    15. You offer the investor no more than 10% of the project.
    16. Your beta testers now also pay you money.
    17. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates now do not seem to be gods, but simply stubborn businessmen.
    18. For expansion, you are already using the resources of your partners, not your own.
    19. The company’s account starts to spin more money than your personal account.
    20. And yes, Friday’s beer is turning from another rally into just Friday’s beer.
    21. You can safely eat and sleep, and during this time absolutely nothing bad will happen, and if it happens, then there is already an employee who, without your participation, will eliminate the consequences of this annoying incident (via Ruzin ).
    22. Having come to the office, the first thing you open is not Skype and mail, but a client bank. (via GrandTim ).

    Probably almost every project has such signs. We share in the comments - we replenish this list.

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