Simply Linux Release 2. The project is gaining momentum

    Simply LinuxThe Simply Linux team announced the release of Simply Linux Release 2 (5.0.1). The distribution is still very young, the first release was in October. But in this short time he managed to gather a lot of users, largely due to his concept - ease of use, maximum Russification, nice interface, only necessary programs, focus on a novice user.

    During this time, Simply Linux turned into a project. He has a website and other fashionable attributes, such as LiveJournal, VKontakte group and twitter.

    One of the main innovations of the distribution kit is the flash drive version, thanks to which Simply Linux can be easily installed on netbooks, and simply for everyone who does not want to use the already slightly outdated CD format.

    Simply Linux website

    Other changes:
    • At the request of users, the audio player was replaced in the distribution kit, from the conceptual Sonata to the powerful and easy to use Audacious
    • The distribution includes a new version of the Pidgin instant messaging client with the correct translation of the menu into Russian
    • Added functionality to PrtSc and Win keys
    • The distribution kit includes a new set of wallpapers from Vlad Gerasimov (

    Other changes mainly concern the correction of errors of the first release and software updates, since the distribution is still assembled on the Fifth Platform.

    Simply Linux audio player

    The composition of the participants has also changed. Denis Koryavov, the founder of the distribution, remaining an ideological inspirer, handed it over to the initiative group Alt Linux, on the basis of the technologies of which he actually assembled from the very beginning.

    New issues are planned to be released once a season (4 times a year), and in the near future, the developers promise to release Live-versions for flash drives and CDs

    LiveJournal project website
    VKontakte group
    Download Simply Linux for CDs or flash drives, from mirrors and torrents .. .
    Site of the company "Alt Linux"

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