Competition for developers on the bada platform

    Yesterday, May 17, 2010, the world-wide contest “bada Developer Challenge” started, with a total prize pool of $ 2,700,000, and a separate tour in Russia, with a prize pool of $ 255,000, for developers on the bada platform (ru: wiki).

    Samsung bada Developer Challenge Russia lasts 5 months (from May 17 to October 17, 2010) and includes 3 stages:

    Stage 1: May 21 - August 17: Registration of participants
    Stage 2: application development on the emulator (from June 1 to August 17 )
    Evaluation of applications - from August 18 to August 31
    Announcement of the winners of the 1st stage - September
    1 Stage 3: porting the application to a mobile phone from bada (from September 13 to October 17)
    Evaluation of applications - from October 18 to November 7
    Announcement of winners - from November 8 to November 12 (the exact date will be announced later)

    I would also like to note that the free SDK (beta v. 1.0.0b2) is already available on the platform’s website, which it is possible to receive after free registration (registration in Russian is not yet available).

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