Medvedev began using iPad to read books

    “I can tell you a secret, they brought me an iPad here, I don’t know if you have it, I downloaded a certain set of books from the Internet there.”

    Dmitry Medvedev today met with students of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and, answering a student question from the Institute of Philology about modern literature, said that he had started using the iPad:

    But still, no matter how it sounds, maybe, traditionally, I give preference to classical things - both Russian and foreign. And even in electronic form sometimes I read them. Here I can tell you a secret, they brought me an iPad here, I don’t know if you have one, I downloaded a certain set of books from the Internet there. And the last thing I read yesterday before flying to you was Gogol. I enjoyed it a lot because I haven’t discovered anything for a long time. And strangely enough, I’m already used to this electronic form, before it seemed to me kind of cold, unpleasant, I don’t need to scroll through the pages, but now I enjoy it.

    Answering another question, he also expressed his attitude to the influence of information technology on modern society and touched upon the subject of supercomputers:

    Well, I think I told you about information technology at the household level when I told you that I even try to read books now in electronic form, and I began to like it. It seems to me that someone who is trying to shut himself off from this kind of technology makes an unforgivable mistake. Firstly, it flies out of the mainstream of world development, and secondly, it simply deprives itself of pleasure. Because, for example, I like to use these gadgets, use various kinds of smart devices. I enjoy it, I’m not shy about it, I think that this is the future, and in every possible way I am promoting it. I hope that you are using this, at least in the form of mobile phones and some other means of communication, and of course, computers.

    Incidentally, I believe and have long told this to our officials that the official who does not know how to use a computer is subject to unconditional dismissal - simply because he, in fact, cannot write. Those who are not hired are those who cannot write and read. And why take those who can’t work on a computer? I do not know if all the ministers in your country know how to work on a computer, this must be checked; I check my periodically.

    You know how? Good. But this is not my business - this is a question for your boss.

    As for supercomputers, supercomputers, this is very important. In fact, we are trying to develop this network in order to subsequently combine this into the so-called grid systems and create new supermachines. We invest money, a lot of money in it, and this is one of the areas of technological development that you mentioned. This is actually one of the priorities of state development for the coming years. Here, of course, there will be endless competition. And this is not bad, because this competition means the progress of mankind. We are always competing with the Americans. I must admit, they go half a step ahead, but they also look back who is catching them - Russia, China, France. And this competition will continue.

    Therefore, petaflop and exaflop computers are just around the corner.

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