OpenStreetBugs - An Easy Way to Report an Error in OpenStreetMap

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imageYou, of course, know about the free OpenStreetMap map . This is a real folk map created by the same people as you! This is the same open source project as Linux and Wikipedia.

Of course, like in other cards, there are errors in OpenStreetMap, but unlike the same Yandex.Maps, where errors have not been fixed for years due to a complicated bureaucratic procedure (I'm not talking about intentional errors ), everything is much simpler in OpenStreetMap and better for all of us.

Using the fairly long-existing OpenStreetBugs website, you can report an error in two accounts and after a while get an already corrected map, and a little laterdownload a map ready for use to your computer or navigator . OpenStreetBugs is the simplest way by which everyone can contribute to the compilation of a real folk map .

So, everyone can help improve OpenStreetMap! Just go to , zoom in on a place you are familiar with on the map, click on the problem area, describe the essence of the error and click OK.

If you like it, then you can become a full-fledged participant in the OpenStreetMap project and tell you where in your area there are shops, cafes, pharmacies, schools and more. This text is subject to

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