General Motors cars can be controlled from Android devices

    A few days ago, the General Motors automobile concern announced the release of a new version of the OnStar telematics service (the service provides wireless monitoring and car diagnostics from a remote device, such as a smartphone). Moreover, GM announced that it had a kind of “technology partner” with which it intends to bring OnStar service to a whole new level. On its basis it is planned to create a universal monitoring system that will be compatible with any cars. True, the company never announced who exactly is this technology partner.

    According to information from anonymous sources(that is, according to rumors), this very technological partner will be Google, and they want to remake the OnStar system for an open platform for Android mobile devices. Thus, GM cars in the future may officially start supporting the Android operating system.

    Such an alliance is quite logical, given that Ford is developing its telematics system MyFord on the Microsoft Sync platform. The Microsoft Sync program is installed on various phone models under different operating systems, and on its basis each automaker can make their own system, MyMercury and MyLincoln have recently been released.

    Google and Microsoft are competitors in many areas. Now, in the automotive market, which is many times larger than the IT market, technological alliances can form that will compete in the creation of software for automobiles: these are Ford / Microsoft and GM / Google.

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